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Tidying Up

Tidying Up

I recently read “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, an informative book on organizing by Marie Kondo.

In recent years, I have aimed towards creating a more minimized lifestyle by parring down possessions, but my success was rather mixed. I experienced both success and failure on different aspects of minimizing with one particular failure being that of books.

As an author and avid reader, I’ve found it impossible to really minimize successfully in terms of how many books I own (both digitally and physically).

According to the Konmari method, books are the second category one should tackle because there tends to be less emotion attached to books, but this isn’t my experience. I have quite a bit emotion attached to many of the books I own and for me, they are sentimental items as much as photos or other mementos.

Regardless, I decided to tackle my collection of books and found there were quite a few on my shelves that I had neglected to read and several that I could, in fact, pass on to a new home. I still have a good number of them remaining on the shelves, but there is now space for new items to call home. The key will be to save that space for books that will ‘spark joy’.