I write stuff.



Ah, Autumn, I eagerly await your arrival. Summer has overstayed it’s welcome and I beseech you to make haste in your coming. I long for the cool air, the extended evenings you bring with the early setting sun. The inspiration that comes as night settles in. Your contributions towards creating the ideal atmosphere for hunkering down to write with a warm, uncaffeinated beverage or a glass of wine. The soft sounds of raindrops as they tap against my window, composing a flawless accompaniment to my fingers as they dance across the keys, words spilling onto the page.

My dear friend, I bid you bienvenue…

No, but seriously, hurry up and get here. It’s mid-to-end of September and it’s still 100+ degrees outside. Get it together.

P.S. I’m totally kidding about the uncaffeinated beverage thing. It’s definitely caffeinated.