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Plotting and Pantsing

Plotting and Pantsing

As we near the close of NaNoWriMo 2016, I finally feel as though I have wrapped my head around my writing style [took me long enough]. I’ve tried pantsing and I’ve tried plotting, and while they’ve lead to successful NaNo’s for me in the past, it was really this year that I feel I’ve hit my stride as a fiction author.

Yet, I’m significantly behind when you look at word count.

At first, this bothered me. But now I realize that it doesn’t matter.

I thought I was alone in the way a story came together for me, but I recently read an article on Diana Gabaldon and learned that I am not. It was quite reassuring to discover that another author writes scenes and then later pieces them together to create a story.

And so I went with that this year, creating scenes and letting the plot come together on it’s own.

I was then able to take those bits and pieces and create an outline after the fact which then allowed me to further develop the story and plot.

I pantsed it and then planned it and it really worked for me.

After this month, I will be stepping away from it to work on my next nonfiction book, then return to it for editing. It’s about time.